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Entry #3

The Story Of Tom Fulp!

2007-12-20 04:42:18 by SickPuppyExplode

Oh didn't know we could start posting on the front page.

We just wanted to thank everyone who voted "goodie" on "The Story Of Tom Fulp" yesterday. It got us our first award. Thanks! :)

In other news. Benny B is working real hard on our new movie... A Benny Goodman Xmas Special. And I gotta tell ya, the graphics looks exelent. So be sure to look out for that.

Also, if you have the time. Please do take a look at the first two pilot episodes of "Benny Goodman And The Zombies". We know you'll like them.


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2007-12-20 06:00:11

Toms eye's are different colours OMFG.

Kinda wierd being born with different coloured eyes...


2007-12-20 19:52:02

What the flozwad?


2007-12-20 19:55:42

you can?